WhatsApp Testing Option To Edit Sent Messages

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WhatsApp Testing Option To Edit Sent Messages  WhatsApp is adding an option for users to edit messages after they are sent. It would help them rectify issues with their messages, such as typos or accidentally sending the wrong message, without completely deleting the already sent text and writing a new one. Additionally, WhatsApp has started supporting different skin tones for message reactions. The features is currently available in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta version, and this variant may be released broadly once more beta testing gets completed.

WhatsApp is currently testing an option to edit your text messages after they’ve been sent. This function will be accessible on the app when you long-press on a previous message and will appear alongside the existing “info” and “copy” options that are already available.

If a new feature were to appear on WhatsApp, WABetaInfo has shared a couple of screenshots. The feature would allow the ability to edit and delete your previous messages.

WhatsApp Testing Option To Edit Sent Messages
Whatsapp testing option to edit messages || Image: WABetaInfo

When long-pressing on a text message, the user can edit it. That option is available in the pop-up menu when performing a long-press.

It is unclear when a recipient will get notified of an edit to the message they sent being made. Also, recipients don’t have the ability to see previous versions of the messages they send.

WhatsApp recently started testing the edit option, which would allow an easier way for iPhone and desktop users to add or delete messages from a conversation. Though no official date has been announced, it seems that WhatsApp is working on this premise.

In 2016, WABetaInfo had reported that WhatsApp was working on giving users the opportunity to edit and revoke messages in-app. In 2017, these functions also appeared on beta versions of the messaging app without letting even beta testers use them.

In November 2017, WhatsApp introduced the staminus “Delete for Everyone” feature to allow users to correctly delete a message as soon as it has an error.

Apart from appearing on the editing screen, WhatsApp is currently testing support for different skin tones for messages in beta version for Android.

The new beta version allows users to change the skin-tone of reaction messages based on their last used skin tone in the main emoji list. This means, for instance, that if you have used a dark skin tone for the Folded Hands emoji, the same tone will appear on the Folded Hands reaction.

One limitation within this app is that there are not many options for alternate skin tone reactions. Your only options are Thumbs Up and Folded Hands, with all of the other reactions not supporting different color options.

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