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Colton Haynes On Why He left ‘Teen Wolf’ And ‘Arrow’

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Colton Haynes On Why He left 'Teen Wolf' And 'Arrow'
Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes hints on how he got into a fight with Stephen Amell

In his new memoir, Colton says he and the network came to negotiations and a stalemate, but that is not what really happened.

“What they were really upset about was that my quote was higher than the rest of their salaries,” Colton says, “even though my quote wasn’t a lot and it’s higher than most of the cast members’.”

Colton left Teen Wolf after the second season and while he acknowledges it was a contentious end, Colton is honest that those who were closer to him didn’t make it any easier.

Colton Haynes On Why He left 'Teen Wolf' And 'Arrow'
Colton Haynes reveals why he left ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Arrow’

Colton says that his cast and crew objected to what he wanted, despite it being completely in line with the show’s standard pay. To protect himself, Colton refused to work without the team following suit, leaving the production dissatisfied.

Colton announced he would only be appearing in Arrow’s eighth season in a limited capacity. After the conclusion of Season 7, Colton left Arrow.

In his memoir, Colton discusses the struggles he faced when leaving the show Arrow. He describes that he left on bad terms, with the producers assuming his contract was up even though it wasn’t and he couldn’t work with a castmate.

Colton does not reveal the specific cast member by name.

In more exciting news, Colton Haynes will be returning to Teen Wolf in Teen Wolf: The Movie. The movie, acting as one big reunion for the wolf pack, is set to feature Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry and Kevin Hoechlin reprising their roles from the original show.

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” began production in March and is expected to hit the streaming service later this year.

Colton’s book Miss Memory Lane is now available.


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