Meta Launches Payment Feature For WhatsApp Users In Brazilian

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Giant tech company, Meta, has launched a payment feature on its messaging service, WhatsApp, that enables users and local businesses in Brazil to make payments.

Meta Launches Payment Feature For WhatsApp Users In Brazilian

The announcement was made by the company on its website on Tuesday, and it allows Brazil’s WhatsApp users to pay for goods and services via the app’s end-to-end encrypted chat.

Mata said the payment feature works similarly to a shopping app, where customers can look for local businesses, choose from their range of goods or services, add purchases to virtual shopping carts, and complete the payment transaction.

Users in Brazil can use Visa, Mastercard, or prepaid cards from banks that have partnered with the service to make payments.

Small business owners that use the WhatsApp Business app can link their supported payment partners like Cielo, Mercado Pago, or Rede, and receive secure payments from their customers.

Meta assured that the payment method is secure because card numbers used for transactions are encrypted and securely stored. Additionally, users will be required to create a unique payment PIN for each transaction.

Although the payment feature is currently only available in Brazil, Meta has stated that it has plans to make the feature available in other countries as well.

This new payment feature is part of the social media giant’s efforts to expand its payment services beyond the United States. Meta has been working to develop its payment service offerings, as it sees a significant revenue opportunity in this market.

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