Meta Set To Launch ‘Threads’ App To Rival Twitter

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has revealed its plans to launch a new app called Threads in a bid to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the social media space.

Meta Set To Launch 'Threads' App To Rival Twitter

The highly-anticipated platform is scheduled to be launched on Thursday, July 6, 2023. To generate excitement and anticipation, Meta has made Threads available for pre-order on the Apple Store.

It is expected that the app will be seamlessly integrated with Instagram, a move that further reinforces Meta’s strategy to create a connected ecosystem of social media platforms.

Describing Threads as a “text-based conversation app,” Meta envisions it as a space where communities can come together to engage in discussions ranging from current topics of interest to emerging trends. The app’s description on the Apple Store offers a glimpse into the company’s vision for this new product.

Meta Set To Launch 'Threads' App To Rival Twitter

Threads is poised to compete directly with Twitter, as it closely resembles the popular micro-blogging platform in terms of functionality and user experience.

Meta’s decision to introduce Threads comes at a time when Twitter has been making headlines due to recent changes implemented by its owner, Elon Musk.

Over the weekend, Musk, the chief technology officer (CTO) and chairman of Tesla, made a significant alteration to the Twitter user experience by imposing restrictions on the number of posts users can read daily. This move was driven by Musk’s concerns regarding issues related to “data and systems manipulation,” as he highlighted in a tweet.

Under the new restrictions, verified users will have access to a maximum of 6,000 posts per day, while unverified users and new users will be limited to reading 600 and 300 posts respectively.

Musk’s decision to enforce these limitations has been met with mixed reactions from Twitter users, with some finding the changes unfavorable.

Since Elon Musk assumed ownership of Twitter, he has introduced various modifications to the platform that have sparked debate and garnered differing opinions from its user base.

With the imminent launch of Threads by Meta, the battle for dominance in the social media landscape is set to intensify, and users will undoubtedly be keen to see how this new contender measures up against Twitter’s established presence.

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