Complete Guide to Kings Island Rides and Attractions in 2024

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Complete Guide to Kings Island Rides and Attractions in 2024

Kings Island, located in Mason, Ohio, is one of the most popular amusement parks in the United States. Known for its thrilling roller coasters, family-friendly attractions, and seasonal events, Kings Island offers a wide variety of experiences for visitors of all ages. This guide will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about Kings Island and provide detailed information about its rides, attractions, and history.

How Many Coasters are at Kings Island?

Kings Island boasts an impressive collection of roller coasters, totaling 14 as of 2024. This includes a mix of wooden and steel coasters, each offering a unique experience. Some of the standout coasters include “The Beast,” the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, and “Orion,” a giga coaster that reaches speeds of up to 91 mph.

What Does Kings Island Have?

Complete Guide to Kings Island Rides and Attractions in 2024

Beyond roller coasters, Kings Island features a wide array of attractions. Visitors can enjoy water rides, family rides, and kiddie rides in Planet Snoopy, a section dedicated to younger guests. The park also hosts live entertainment, dining options, and special events like Halloween Haunt and WinterFest. For thrill-seekers, the park offers high-adrenaline rides like the “Drop Tower” and “Slingshot.”

What Rides are No Longer at Kings Island?

Complete Guide to Kings Island Rides and Attractions in 2024

Over the years, several rides have been retired from Kings Island. Some notable removals include “Son of Beast,” a wooden coaster known for its record-breaking height and speed, which was closed in 2009. Other retired rides include “Vortex,” a steel looping coaster, and “Firehawk,” a flying coaster that gave riders the sensation of flight.

Is Kings Island or Cedar Point Better?

The debate between Kings Island and Cedar Point, another major Ohio amusement park, is ongoing among coaster enthusiasts. Cedar Point is known for its record-breaking steel coasters, while Kings Island offers a more diverse mix of attractions and a more family-friendly atmosphere. Both parks have their unique charms, and the choice often comes down to personal preference and what type of experience one is seeking.

What’s the Scariest Ride at Kings Island?

“The Beast” is often cited as the scariest ride at Kings Island due to its sheer length and the fact that it navigates through dense forest, creating a sense of isolation. “Mystic Timbers,” with its mysterious theme and sudden drops, also ranks high on the scare factor. For those who enjoy psychological thrills, “Flight of Fear” provides an indoor, dark ride experience with intense inversions.

How Long is the Longest Roller Coaster at Kings Island?

“The Beast” holds the record for the longest roller coaster at Kings Island, and indeed the world, with a track length of 7,359 feet. This iconic wooden coaster takes riders on a journey through the woods, featuring multiple drops and tunnels over a ride duration of approximately four minutes.

What are the 2 New Rides at Kings Island?

In 2024, Kings Island introduced two new rides: “Sol Spin” and “Adventure Port.” “Sol Spin” is a thrilling pendulum ride that reaches heights of up to 150 feet and swings riders at high speeds. “Adventure Port” is a themed area that includes family-friendly attractions, interactive experiences, and new dining options, enhancing the park’s overall appeal.

What’s the Oldest Ride at Kings Island?

The oldest ride still in operation at Kings Island is the “Grand Carousel,” which has been delighting visitors since the park opened in 1972. This classic carousel features beautifully crafted horses and a nostalgic organ soundtrack, offering a charming ride experience for all ages.

What is the Slowest Day at Kings Island?

Typically, the slowest days at Kings Island are weekdays during the school year, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Visiting during these times can result in shorter wait times for rides and a more relaxed park experience. However, it’s always wise to check the park’s schedule and any special events that might affect attendance.

Is The Beast Still at Kings Island?

Yes, “The Beast” is still a major attraction at Kings Island. This legendary wooden coaster continues to draw thrill-seekers from around the world. It remains a must-ride for anyone visiting the park and has retained its status as a fan favorite for over four decades.

What Roller Coaster Got Taken Down at Kings Island?

One of the most notable roller coasters to be taken down at Kings Island is “Son of Beast.” This wooden coaster was famous for being the world’s tallest and fastest when it opened in 2000. However, due to a series of structural issues and injuries, the ride was closed in 2009 and eventually dismantled.

What is the Name of the New Roller Coaster for 2024?

The new roller coaster for 2024 at Kings Island is named “Orion.” This giga coaster stands 287 feet tall and features a drop of 300 feet, making it one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the park. “Orion” promises an exhilarating experience with its high speeds and breathtaking drops.


Kings Island continues to be a top destination for thrill-seekers and families alike. With its diverse array of roller coasters, family rides, and entertainment options, the park offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic wooden coasters like “The Beast” or eager to try the latest additions like “Orion,” Kings Island promises a memorable and exciting adventure.

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