Dani Alves Requests Bail During Appeal of Rape Conviction

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Former Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves, currently serving a sentence of four and a half years in a Spanish prison for a rape conviction, requested bail on Tuesday pending the outcome of his appeal.

Dani Alves Requests Bail During Appeal of Rape Conviction
Dani Alves on media duties

In a private session at a court in Barcelona, his attorney, Ines Guardiola, made the case for Alves’ temporary release, pointing out that he has been in custody awaiting trial since January 2023, which accounts for a quarter of his sentence, according to legal insiders.

The defense suggested either a bail payment of 50,000 euros (approximately $54,000) or the surrender of his two passports as assurance of Alves’ stay in Spain during the appeal process, legal informants reported.

Addressing the court via video link from his detention center, Alves affirmed his commitment to not abscond and expressed his trust in the legal system.

The prosecution contested his bail application, citing a significant risk of him fleeing the country.

Dani Alves, aged 40 and one of the sport’s most illustrious figures with a history at clubs like Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, received his sentence on February 22 following his conviction for the rape of a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022. His legal representatives promptly challenged the verdict.

During the trial, the complainant testified from behind a barrier to safeguard her anonymity, recounting how Alves had aggressively coerced her into intercourse in a secluded restroom of the club, leading to her experiencing “anguish and terror,” according to the prosecution.

The defense contended that the woman had been actively engaging with Alves throughout the night, indicating a “sexual tension” between them.

Nevertheless, the court, in its 61-page ruling, stated that her interaction with Alves prior to the incident did not imply consent to any subsequent actions.

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