WhatsApp Rolls Out New Security Features To Protect User Against Hackers

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WhatsApp has announced the introduction of three new security features, aimed at preventing unauthorized access to users’ accounts.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Security Features To Protect User Against Hackers  The instant messaging app has been introducing these new features in a bid to make it harder for others to take over other people’s accounts.

In a blog post on Thursday, the company revealed that one of the new features is “automatic security codes” which is based on a process known as “key transparency”.

This process will enable users to automatically verify that they have a secure connection. The feature will help ensure that users can verify that they are chatting with the intended recipient.

“Our most security-conscious users have always been able to take advantage of our security code verification feature, which helps ensure you are chatting with the intended recipient,” said WhatsApp.

The second new feature is “account protect,” which aims to double-check that it is the user who is switching their WhatsApp account to a new device.

WhatsApp will now ask users on their old devices to verify that they want to take this step as an extra security check. This feature can help alert users to an unauthorized attempt to move their account to another device.

The third new feature is “device verification,” which adds checks to help authenticate users’ accounts and protect them if their device is compromised.

This helps prevent mobile device malware, which is one of the biggest threats to people’s privacy and security today, from taking advantage of their phones without their permission and using WhatsApp to send unwanted messages.

WhatsApp has always been a popular messaging app for its end-to-end encryption and privacy features. With these new security features, the company is aiming to provide users with even more security and peace of mind.

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