TG Omori Urges Women To Avoid Settling For Financially Unstable Men

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Nigerian music video director TG Omori, whose real name is ThankGod Omori Jesam, has encouraged women to avoid settling for financially unstable men.

TG Omori Urges Women To Avoid Settling For Financially Unstable Men
TG Omori

The director, also known as Boy Director, urged women to make their choices based on personal aspirations and goals rather than external factors.

In a tweet on his Twitter handle, Omori emphasized that choosing a partner is a personal decision that should not be influenced by societal pressures or financial constraints.

He discouraged women from being coerced into dating financially unstable men in the name of gold-digging, stating that they should evaluate their lives carefully and plan their futures accordingly.

In his words: “Your choice of partner is a personal decision don’t let them bully you into dating a broke person in the name of gold-digging. Look at your life well and plan your aesthetics.”

Omori’s tweet was in response to the criticism of women who prioritize material possessions on social media by internet trolls who often accuse them of being gold diggers.

The director’s advice aims to empower women to make choices that align with their personal values and goals, rather than succumbing to societal expectations.

The director’s message is timely, given the increased pressure women face to prioritize financial stability in their partners. Omori’s tweet has garnered significant support on social media, with many users applauding his words of empowerment and encouragement.

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