Taliban Orders Closure Of Beauty Salons In Afghanistan

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In a distressing development for women in Afghanistan, the Taliban government has issued an order to cease operations of beauty salons, further tightening their grip on women’s freedoms in the country.

Taliban Orders Closure Of Beauty Salons In Afghanistan

The decision, which marks another setback for gender equality, was announced by a spokesperson from the country’s Vice and Virtue Ministry, as reported by the BBC.

According to the statement, businesses operating beauty salons have been given a one-month deadline to comply with the directive. The countdown began on July 2, when the owners and operators of these establishments were first informed of the imminent closure.

This latest move is part of a series of anti-women measures implemented by the Taliban since they regained control of Afghanistan in 2021.

Teenage girls and women have already been prohibited from attending schools, accessing gyms and parks, and were recently banned from working for the United Nations.

In addition to these restrictions, the Taliban has mandated that women must be dressed in a manner that reveals only their eyes and must be accompanied by a male relative if they need to travel beyond a distance of 72 kilometers (48 miles).

Despite facing widespread international backlash and vocal protests from women and activists advocating for their rights, the Taliban has shown no signs of relenting on these stringent measures.

The forced closure of beauty salons is reminiscent of the oppressive rules imposed during the Taliban’s previous rule from 1996 to 2001. However, following the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, some of these establishments were allowed to reopen, providing a glimpse of hope and progress for Afghan women.

A courageous Afghan woman, speaking anonymously to the BBC, expressed her deep concern about the new closure, stating, “The Taliban are stripping Afghan women of their most basic human rights. They are blatantly violating women’s rights by taking away their ability to serve one another. When I heard this news, I was completely shocked.”

She added, “It seems that the Taliban’s political agenda is solely focused on controlling women’s bodies. They are systematically erasing women from every aspect of public life.”

As Afghan women face mounting challenges and restrictions imposed by the Taliban, the international community continues to rally behind their cause, condemning these regressive measures and striving to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and human rights for all individuals in Afghanistan.

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