Many Relationships Are Driven By Financial Benefits – Rema

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Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor, who is famously known by his stage name Rema, has expressed his view that most relationships in this generation are primarily driven by financial benefits.

Many Relationships Are Driven By Financial Benefits - Rema

The young singer made this statement during an interview on the i-D Meets podcast, where he shared his thoughts on various issues.

Rema, who is known for his hit songs, stated that his favorite lyrics from his debut album ‘Rave & Roses’ is “money is not a source of income” because it came from his personal experience.

The singer went on to explain that his assertion is a reflection of the reality of modern relationships where people focus more on the financial benefits they can derive from their partners rather than genuine love and affection.

According to Rema, “A lot of relationships in our new generation are just really all about the gains. It’s painful that I can’t really define love. You’ve to live your version. I have not lived my version. I’m waiting for it though.”

During the interview, the singer also shared his thoughts on other topics, including his music and personal life. Rema’s rise to fame has been meteoric, with his unique style and sound earning him a dedicated fanbase both in Nigeria and around the world.

Rema is one of the fastest-rising stars in the Nigerian music industry and has become a household name, with his music being played on radio stations and streaming platforms worldwide.

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