I Don’t Believe In Democracy – TG Omori

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Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori Jesam, professionally known as TG Omori, has opened up about his reservations regarding the legitimacy of democracy in Africa.

I Don't Believe In Democracy - TG Omori
TG Omori

The 28-year-old creative, speaking on the Zero Conditions podcast, shared his insights into why he believes that democracy may not be the ideal governing system for the continent.

Highlighting a prevalent issue, Omori pointed out that power mongers often exploit the prevailing poverty in Africa to manipulate the electoral process by purchasing votes.

In his candid discussion, he expressed that this phenomenon has led him to question the true authenticity of democracy in the region, suggesting that it can be easily compromised by the monetary influence wielded by affluent individuals.

During the podcast, Omori shared his perspective on governance, stating, “How do I feel about Nigeria? Nigeria is a jungle. I did not vote. I was in SA [South Africa during the elections]. I intentionally didn’t vote. I don’t believe in democracy. We were supposed to be led by kings.

“I feel like democracy is a freaking scam in the sense that super-rich people can always buy their way through it. Not around the world but in Africa. As long as hunger is still a tool, then democracy will always have a price.”

Drawing from his personal observations, the acclaimed video director recounted instances from his youth when he witnessed firsthand people trading their votes for personal gain. These experiences, he believes, underscore the vulnerabilities within the democratic system and its susceptibility to manipulation through financial incentives.

Watch him speak below:

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