Ondo State Senior Public Servants Dismiss Existence of Government Cabal

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Ondo State Senior Public Servants Dismiss Existence of Government Cabal
Allegations of Government Cabal in Ondo State Denied by Senior Officials

In a recent statement, senior public servants in Ondo State have vehemently denied the existence of a cabal within the state government’s ranks. The group, known as “Concerned Stakeholders in the Public Service of Ondo State,” issued the statement to dispel rumors and address the controversy surrounding the Deputy Governor, the Commissioner for Finance, and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Union Matters and Special Duties, Mr. Dare Aragbaiye.

Led by Mr. Emmanuel Akinyemi, the senior public servants defended Mr. Aragbaiye’s actions, affirming that he has always operated within the authority granted to him by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu. They highlighted Mr. Aragbaiye’s impeccable track record of service under various military and civilian governors, emphasizing his unwavering loyalty and commitment to his official responsibilities.

Addressing the allegations of a government cabal, Mr. Akinyemi stated that such claims lack substantiation. He argued that those familiar with the concept of cabals in governments would understand that no cabal exists in the Ondo State Government. He further questioned the sudden rise of these allegations and the change in dynamics within the government, particularly since Governor Akeredolu’s annual vacations, during which power is transferred to the Deputy Governor in an acting capacity.

Mr. Akinyemi questioned why the presence of a cabal was never mentioned during previous instances of the Deputy Governor assuming the role of Acting Governor. He dismissed the notion that Mr. Aragbaiye hindered the Acting Governor, highlighting the latter’s active participation in events and successful execution of gubernatorial duties. Mr. Akinyemi challenged those making these claims to provide evidence to support their allegations.

Refuting the accusation that Mr. Aragbaiye and the Commissioner for Finance withheld funds from the Deputy Governor, the concerned public servants stressed the existence of budgetary provisions to support the Deputy Governor’s office. They urged the Deputy Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, to produce evidence of his requests for funds and subsequent rejections if he believes his office has been deprived of necessary resources.

The public servants clarified that executive council meetings are convened to address significant government matters and not for frivolous purposes. They labeled as falsehoods the claims that Acting Governor Aiyedatiwa failed to convene such meetings. They pointed out that a State Executive Council meeting had indeed taken place on June 19th, which received full attendance from cabinet members.

In response to allegations that nothing is functioning adequately in the state, including security, the concerned public servants emphasized the activities of the Amotekun corps, which ensures the safety and well-being of the people. They defended Mr. Aragbaiye’s loyalty to Governor Akeredolu, asserting that the attacks on him directly undermine the Governor and create division within the government.

The public servants urged the Deputy Governor to cease his campaign to reshuffle the cabinet and appoint his preferred individuals. They criticized the spread of misinformation, particularly on social media, and called for a focus on truth and reality. They highlighted Mr. Aragbaiye’s impeccable reputation, citing his extensive experience and unwavering loyalty to his superiors throughout his career as a civil servant.

Mr. Akinyemi concluded by stating that Mr. Aragbaiye would not succumb to corruption or abuse of public office, reaffirming his dedication, loyalty, fearlessness, and commitment to his duties.

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