Ondo State Expands Local Government with 33 LCDAs Initiative

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Ondo State Expands Local Government with 33 LCDAs Initiative
Ondo State Government to Establish 33 LCDAs

In a landmark decision, the Ondo State government has announced its intention to establish 33 new Local Government Development Areas (LCDAs) to further strengthen governance and service delivery across the state. The momentous announcement was made by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Charles Titiloye, during a state Executive Council meeting convened in Akure, the capital city.

The visionary move comes as the state seeks to enhance administrative efficiency and improve grassroots development through decentralized governance structures. Following a thorough examination and deliberation, the proposed bill to establish the 33 additional LCDAs has received the stamp of approval from the Executive Council. The bill is now slated to be forwarded to the esteemed state House of Assembly for the necessary legislative enactment.

Speaking about the government’s commitment to the expansion, Commissioner Titiloye emphasized that once the House of Assembly enacts the bill into law, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu will promptly give his assent, setting the stage for the full implementation of the 33 LCDAs. This dynamic approach aims to empower local communities, bring government services closer to the people, and foster even development across the state.

Commissioner Titiloye reassured the public that the proposed 33 LCDAs will wield the same equal power and function as the existing 18 council areas once the legislation takes effect. The government’s foresight in promoting inclusivity and equal representation underscores its dedication to enhancing citizen participation in governance.

In addition to the creation of the LCDAs, the state government has also taken decisive steps to address traditional and chieftaincy affairs. The Council approved the recognition of two notable traditional rulers, namely the Olora of Ora Ajowa in Akoko North West and the Onikan of Etikan in Ilaje council area. These momentous recognitions further solidify the state’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the well-being of local communities.

Furthermore, as the government continues its unwavering dedication to the welfare of the people, plans are underway to roll out palliatives to those in need. An implementation committee on palliatives has been set up, affirming the government’s determination to support the citizens during challenging times.

Governor Akeredolu’s administration remains steadfast in its mission to uplift the people of Ondo State, and this includes providing necessary resources and attention to the existing 18 council areas. By embarking on this ambitious plan to create 33 LCDAs, the government is poised to revolutionize local governance and drive development to every corner of the state.

The proposal to establish the 33 Local Government Development Areas will now await the legislative process in the state House of Assembly. With Governor Akeredolu’s resolute support, the government envisions a brighter future for Ondo State, built on the principles of equitable representation, community empowerment, and inclusive growth.

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