Be Patient, Economic Reforms Could Be Slow – Tinubu To Nigerians

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In a candid and empathetic address on Thursday at the state house, President Bola Tinubu acknowledged the challenges that Nigerians are currently facing.

Be Patient, Economic Reforms Could Be Slow - Tinubu To Nigerians
President Bola Tinubu

The President’s sentiments were expressed during his meeting with the national youth leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) hailing from various regions across the country.

The Nigerian populace has been grappling with the aftermath of the removal of the petrol subsidy, announced by the President on May 29. The consequential surge in commodity prices and the overall cost of living has sparked widespread concern and discomfort among citizens.

Assuring the nation that he deeply understands the pains of the people, President Tinubu offered his pledge to make the tough decisions necessary for steering the country towards a more prosperous, equitable, and inclusive economy.

“I make my pledge to the country that no decision will be difficult for this administration to take for the prosperity and unity of this country. Economic reforms could be slow. Be patient a little more,” he said. I can assure you that I understand the pains you are going through. It is not easy to get out of the monster of over 40 years called fuel subsidy.”

Furthermore, President Tinubu reaffirmed his dedication to involving the youth in governance and decision-making processes. Addressing the national youth leaders present at the meeting, he emphasized the importance of youth participation in the nation’s affairs and assured them of increased inclusion in government roles.

In line with this vision, the federal government plans to collaborate with lending institutions to offer micro-loans at highly favorable interest rates, aimed at stimulating economic activities among the citizens. By widening access to credit facilities, the government hopes to empower more women and youths to actively participate in various economic sectors.

During the meeting, Abdullahi Dayo Israel, the APC national youth leader, conveyed the youths’ heartfelt congratulations to the President for the party’s triumph in recent polls. Additionally, they sought to secure opportunities for inclusion in appointments to the dissolved boards and agencies of the government.

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