I’m Working For Tinubu, Not APC – Wike

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Nyesom Wike the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), clarified his allegiance, asserting that he is dedicated to working with President Bola Tinubu rather than the All Progressives Congress (APC).

I’m Working For Tinubu, Not APC - Wike
Nyesom Wike

The minister, who belongs to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), revealed that his collaboration with President Tinubu is centered around the common goal of bringing a “renewed hope” to the Nigerian populace.

He disclosed this while speaking during an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday.

Wike, a prominent PDP member, found himself in the spotlight after his appointment to a ministerial position within a cabinet formed by President Tinubu, prompting mixed reactions across the political spectrum.

When asked about his current PDP membership status, Wike emphasized that he remains a steadfast member of the party. He underscored his deep sense of purpose while serving under the government of President Tinubu, crediting the latter with empowering him to act resolutely.

“I feel at home working for the government of Tinubu. He has given me that courage. He is a man who means well for the country,” Wike affirmed. “He is looking for people who will support him to achieve the renewed hope he promised Nigerians.

The minister firmly emphasized his role in the context of President Tinubu’s leadership, disassociating himself from narrow party interests. “I’m not here to work for a party. I’m here to support the president who has confidence in me — to help him deliver the renewed hope and I owe nobody any apology,” Wike stated candidly.

Addressing potential scenarios, Wike was asked about his course of action should an election tribunal nullify President Tinubu’s mandate. With conviction, he expressed faith in his beliefs, asserting, “I have never failed. I strongly believe that the God I serve is not a sleeping God,” he said. I believe the God that made me go through all these processes will not just abandon us like that.”

Wike seized the opportunity to reflect on his role during the 2023 elections, expressing contentment for championing justice and fairness in the electoral process.

His commitment to upholding these values remains steadfast as he collaborates with President Tinubu to steer the nation toward a future characterized by renewed optimism and progress.

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