Iyanya Speaks On Yvonne Nelson’s Cheating Allegations

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Renowned Nigerian singer, Iyanya, has finally broken his silence in response to the recent claims made by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, accusing him of infidelity with fellow Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh.

Iyanya Speaks On Yvonne Nelson's Cheating Allegations

The shocking revelation emerged as part of Yvonne Nelson’s newly released book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” which delves into the demise of their relationship that began in 2012 and came to an end in 2015.

In her book, Nelson boldly alleges that Iyanya’s unfaithfulness ultimately led to the dissolution of their romantic union. According to her account, Iyanya engaged in a clandestine affair with Tonto Dikeh while still involved with her.

“The actress turned out to be Tonto Dikeh of Nigeria, one of the female celebrities Iyanya named in his ‘Ur Waist’ song. When I was convinced about the authenticity of the information I received, I was heartbroken,” Yvonne Nelson said in her book.

“I took to Twitter to rant and vent. Tonto Dikeh responded on Twitter, saying people changed and so did feelings, so I should move on. I later heard more stories of what Iyanya did with some of his crew members.

“It convinced me that what happened between him and Tonto Dikeh wasn’t an isolated incident. It was a pattern, his way of life. I knew I eventually would have left even if Tonto Dikeh didn’t come into the picture.”

Reacting, Iyanya took to his Twitter account to address the serious allegations made against him. While he did not directly confirm or deny the affair with Tonto Dikeh, the singer assured his followers that he would provide a comprehensive response in due course.

“So Yvonne Nelson said I cheated on her with Tonto Dikeh? Oh wow. I’ll respond later. I no go write book,” Iyanya tweeted,

As fans eagerly await Iyanya’s formal statement on the issue, speculations and discussions have sparked across various social media platforms.

The allegations have undoubtedly cast a shadow over the singer’s reputation, leading many to anticipate a candid explanation from Iyanya to shed light on the truth behind the claims made by Yvonne Nelson.

Talkglitz will closely monitor the developments surrounding this controversy and provide updates as soon as more information becomes available.

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