I Almost Committed Suicide – Iyanya

Amidst Legal Battles, Pandemic, and Financial Strain, Iyanya's Brush with Suicide Exposes Music Industry's Hidden Struggles

Renowned Afropop sensation, Iyanya, has candidly revealed his harrowing brush with suicide during a period of intense career pressure and financial turmoil.

I Almost Committed Suicide - Iyanya

The artist disclosed this deeply personal revelation during an exclusive interview on the latest episode of the popular “Tea With Tay” podcast, hosted by the versatile actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, professionally known as Taymesan.

According to the singer, he might have made it through with the act if not for the help of his manager who suspected that he was up to something.

Iyanya revealed that he had already purchased a harmful liquid he intended to ingest to commit suicide before his manager barged in on him.

Detailing the poignant moment, the artist recounted, “I was in court for a long time, I didn’t do shows. I couldn’t do anything. You know, when you stopped doing show, you now have to fall back on your savings. But when you are popping, that inflow [of money] is different, the way you spend is different from the way you spend whatever you saved. So, I felt it.

“I got to a point where I was like, man, I need to start touring. That was a crazy period for me. Guess what, two days after my last court case, COVID-19 started. I was stalked. I was in a hotel. My house was gone. I was in the hotel for a very long time. It got to one point, I couldn’t pay for the hotel bills anymore.

“The owner of the hotel is such a great human being. I have never seen such an amazing human being like that. He allowed me to stay there. His name is Alaba. He allowed me to stay there for over a year. COVID literally caught up with me there.

“So, imagine not doing shows. Not touring for over a year, no inflow, and you are in court for the whole year. And then finally, it’s looking like the court case is finishing, the lockdown.

“I was in that hotel throughout the lockdown. I almost committed suicide. The manager stopped me one time. All of that stuff. Madness, man.”

Watch him speak below:


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