Unidentified Man Killed in Soldier-Youth Confrontation in Lagos

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Unidentified Man Killed in Soldier-Youth Confrontation in Lagos
Unidentified Man Fatally Shot Amid Soldiers’ Clash

In a disturbing turn of events, an as-yet-unidentified man has reportedly lost his life after being shot by soldiers in the Otto area of Lagos mainland. The unfortunate incident unfolded during a clash between the man and an unidentified group of soldiers, leaving the community shocked and distressed.

The incident, as reported by witnesses, transpired during a confrontation between the soldiers and a group of local boys, commonly referred to as ‘Omo onile,’ who had been at odds with Chinese construction workers. These workers were engaged in maintenance construction activities along the railway tracks in the area. Concerns had been escalating due to the ongoing tensions between the construction crew and the local youth.

According to a reliable source within the area, the Chinese workers had ceased involving the local police in their efforts to manage the escalating tensions. Instead, they opted to deploy soldiers to safeguard their operations due to their belief that the police were unable to effectively handle the situation.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer, acknowledged the situation but directed inquiries to the Railway Command, asserting that the area in question fell under their jurisdiction. Despite efforts to reach out to the Railway Command for comment, no response has been obtained thus far.

A police insider, however, expressed frustration over the alleged recurring incidents involving soldiers within Lagos. The source emphasized that the incident occurred around 1 pm in the Ebutte Meta/Otto locality and raised concerns about the repeated occurrences of such tragic events. The source questioned the use of excessive force by soldiers and called for an end to the alarming trend.

Disturbingly, soldiers often conduct operations without identifiable tags, making it difficult to hold them accountable for their actions. Video footage obtained by our correspondent depicts a distressing scene – in one video, two individuals dressed in military uniforms can be seen firing shots in the vicinity, causing panic among residents. A voice in the background is heard exclaiming, “You can see. Officer, you have killed a person. You have killed a person. Look at the person. They are killing people.”

Another video captures a lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, identified as the individual allegedly shot by the soldiers. Bystanders can be seen surrounding the victim, overcome with grief and sorrow.

Efforts to reach out to Lt Col Ayeni, the spokesperson for the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, have been met with silence as calls and messages to his line remain unanswered.

This tragic incident has brought to the forefront concerns about the conduct of soldiers during such operations and the need for greater accountability in ensuring the safety and well-being of local communities. The city of Lagos is left mourning yet another loss as the investigation into this unfortunate event continues.

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