Nigerian Entrepreneur Tearfully Denies Rumors of Affair with Lagos Governor

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Nigerian cosmetology business owner, Adeola Adeyemi, popularly known as Diadem, has recently addressed her followers on social media with a tearful denial of rumors suggesting a romantic liaison with Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Nigerian Entrepreneur Tearfully Denies Rumors of Affair with Lagos Governor

The speculation began when a blogger alleged that the single mother was engaged in an affair with the state leader and that he was financing the construction of a house for her. This unfounded claim quickly spread across the internet, sparking a variety of responses from the public.

Within just a few hours of the rumor circulating, Adeola responded by uploading a video firmly denying these accusations. She declared she has never personally encountered the Governor and pondered the intentions behind spreading such falsehoods, stating her commitment to her own affairs. She directed a curse at the blogger responsible for disseminating the false narrative, insisting they would suffer unrest.

Amidst tears, Adeola called for a Bible and solemnly prayed, inviting the severest biblical punishments upon herself if the rumor were found to be true. She voiced her anguish over the accusations, highlighting that her business has never received any form of government patronage, and criticized those attempting to link her accomplishments to the governor.

Visibly upset, she revealed her struggles in running her business as a single parent and pleaded for privacy and respect from the public.

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