Do2dtun Critiques Double Standards in Omah Lay Concert Incident

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Renowned Nigerian broadcaster, Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, known in the professional sphere as Do2dtun, recently expressed his thoughts following a notable incident involving Afrobeats artist, Omah Lay, and a fan during a performance.

Do2dtun Critiques Double Standards in Omah Lay Concert Incident

The situation unfolded when Omah Lay invited a woman from the audience onto the stage during his concert in the UK, leading to a controversial performance. The performance stirred discomfort for the woman’s boyfriend, who watched in dismay as the “Soso” singer and his girlfriend engaged provocatively on stage.

Do2dtun drew parallels between this episode and a similar occurrence at a concert featuring American actress Keke Palmer and singer Usher. He pointed out that the public tends to judge actions differently based on the individuals’ fame and societal standing.

His tweet read:

“This Omah lay incident is apparently the same thing that happened with the Keke and Usher’s episode maybe not as bad but instead the guy was called insecure for getting angry. This case, they blamed the woman instead. You see some of you all practice selective criticism”

He further commented on the tendency of the public to condemn the woman’s behavior, attributing this to her lack of widespread affection or fame; a similar sentiment was expressed towards Keke Palmer’s boyfriend, who faced criticism for his displeasure at her dancing with Usher.

Do2dtun criticized this double standard, stating, “Once it’s a person you mostly love, it’s okay but once it’s someone you all hardly know, you will call them a whore, low life etc.”

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