Growing Up Among Criminals Influenced My Music Career – Omah Lay

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Afrobeats singer, Omah Lay, has opened up about his childhood experiences and how they have influenced his music career.

Growing Up Among Criminals Influenced My Music Career - Omah Lay
Omah Lay

In an interview on the ‘Hey Steph’ podcast, Omah Lay revealed that he grew up in Port Harcourt among criminals and thugs.

According to the singer, who was born Stanley Omah Didia, growing up in the marine base of Port Harcourt exposed him to illegal activities and pipeline businesses that were prevalent in the area at the time. He stated that it was a tough experience for him, but it has helped shape him into the person he is today.

“I grew up among criminals at the marine base. And if you know that place very much, you’ll know that the place is where people don’t use to go out at the time I was growing up. I grew up around criminals and thugs.

“I grew up around pipeline illegal businesses and stuff. It was a lot of trouble for me. I mean it is part of the thing that has made me what I am today,” Omah Lay said.

“Port Harcourt is just like me. I am Port Harcourt from the way I talk and act. It’s a rough and beautiful city. Everything is raw in Port Harcourt. You can tell that I am raw. The talents are raw. It is real life in Port Harcourt. I am just like a 100 percent representation of the Port Harcourt,” he said.

Omah Lay went on to discuss his debut album, ‘Boy Alone,’ explaining that his music is based on real-life experiences. He emphasized that his music is not about hype but rather an honest reflection of his life.

“One thing that I know is so unique about me is I make music with real life. I don’t think I have to always go through pain or that kind of situation to make a beautiful album because my music is not hype.

“My music is real life. If you listen to my album, everything is real life. I make music for every situation I have found myself in. I am in a place where I feel so alive, and I am going to make music with it,” he said.

Omah Lay’s music has gained him popularity both locally and internationally, with his debut album topping charts in Nigeria and beyond. His honesty in telling his story through his music has endeared him to fans who appreciate his raw talent and authenticity.

Omah Lay started his music career at 15. He gained fame in 2020 following the release of hits ‘You’ and ‘Bad Influence’.

He has won a plethora of awards and recognition. Last year, the singer revealed how he battled with depression while recording his album‘Boy Alone’.

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