Facebook Takes A Crackdown On Fake Reviews

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Facebook Takes A Crackdown On Fake Reviews  Facebook has updated its Community Feedback policy, which will stop fake reviews from appearing on the page of a business.

Facebook is writing new rules to prevent fake reviews on its platform. They will be able to protect businesses against people leaving unfair reviews, as well as incentivized reviews which are meant to promote the company artificially.

If users violate any of these rules, they could be suspended or banned. If a product fails to meet the criteria, “access to any or all Meta products or features” can be revoked.

Facebook has not only enforced its own rules, but it has bent the rules on other sites. For example, when Facebook employees were caught leaving fake five-star reviews of the Portal. Facebook seems to have also become a hub for fake review rings by selling products on Amazon and recruiting and paying users to leave good reviews. Facebook removed 16,000 of these groups last year, but an investigation from consumer rights group Which? indicates that many are still out there.


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