Meta Halts NFT Initiatives on Facebook and Instagram

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Meta Halts NFT Initiatives on Facebook and Instagram

Meta has decided to discontinue its initiatives related to NFTs on Facebook and Instagram, according to Meta’s commerce and fintech lead, Stephane Kasriel, who shared the news on Twitter. Meta spokesperson Joshua Gunter confirmed that the company will cease its experiments with creating and selling NFTs on Instagram and stop supporting NFT sharing on both Instagram and Facebook in the upcoming weeks.

Kasriel explained that the company is reevaluating its priorities to enhance focus. Meta is putting digital collectibles (NFTs) on hold for now and concentrating on alternative methods to assist creators, individuals, and businesses. The company is turning its attention to areas where it can create significant impact, such as messaging, Reels monetization, and refining Meta Pay.

This shift seems to be a result of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s aim to make 2023 the “year of efficiency,” which also led to the discontinuation of the Reels Play bonus program. Additionally, the closures of the Meta-supported cryptocurrency Diem and Meta’s Novi digital wallet last year seem to be connected.

Despite Meta’s departure from the NFT sector, other companies are entering a market that experienced a dramatic decline in 2022 after reaching peak hype in early 2021. Reddit continues to endorse its NFT-based “digital collectible” avatars, Starbucks recently sold out 2,000 $100 NFTs as part of its Odyssey customer loyalty program, and Sesame Street announced a collaboration involving NFTs.

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