Ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel Halts Monthly Pension, Advocates for Ethical Leadership

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Ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel Halts Monthly Pension, Advocates for Ethical Leadership
Ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel Shuns Double Payment, Urges Public Officials to Lead by Example

Former Governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel, has recently disclosed the reasoning behind his choice to cease receiving his monthly pension as a former governor. The lawmaker, now representing Ogun East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, explained that he made the decision to avoid double remuneration since he has returned to public service after a twelve-year hiatus.

During an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, Daniel recalled a court judgment obtained by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), which stated that individuals should not be entitled to double payment, particularly if they hold another public office. He expressed his belief that a person should not receive dual compensation, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring that he “tidy things up” after reentering public service.

Daniel also revealed that someone had advised him to remind the governor of his absence and request that the monthly pension payments be discontinued. He acknowledged that once his tenure in the Senate concludes, he would examine the law to determine whether he is eligible for the emoluments granted to senators or if he should revert to the pension provided by the Ogun State government for former governors.

The former governor’s decision to suspend his pension has generated public reactions. However, Daniel remarked that these responses clearly indicate a shift in societal norms, where what used to be considered ordinary is now seen as unusual. He observed that people are increasingly dissatisfied with public figures and are skeptical about officials’ ability to act in the best interests of the public.

Daniel emphasized the importance of public officers setting good examples and promoting a society where a strong value system is upheld. He believes it is crucial for public figures to prioritize ethical conduct and demonstrate their commitment to building a better society.

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