American Rapper French Montana Stuns In Agbada

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French Montana, the renowned Moroccan-American rapper whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, recently caused a stir on social media with his striking fashion choice.

American Rapper French Montana Stuns In Agbada
French Montana

The 38-year-old artist took to his social media accounts to share captivating pictures of himself dressed in an Agbada, a traditional Nigerian attire, displaying his appreciation for Nigerian culture.

In the images shared on his social media page, French Montana exuded regality in a white Agbada adorned with gleaming streaks of gold stripes, perfectly complementing the radiant bronze hue of his skin. The attire, known for its intricate designs and elegance, accentuated the rapper’s charismatic presence.

Crowning his head like royalty was the ‘Abeti Aja,’ a dog-eared cap. Long, vibrant red beads graced his neck, adding a touch of cultural flair to his ensemble. Completing the ensemble was a fluffy horsewhip held gracefully in his hand, lending an air of majesty to his pose.

Accompanying the images, French Montana shared a caption that read, “She said she only fvck with Nigerians,” showcasing his affinity for Nigerian culture and playfully acknowledging the attention his outfit garnered.

The photographs were taken on a set that resembled a makeshift scene for a music video, hinting at French Montana’s ongoing creative endeavors in Nigeria.

The rapper has been spending several days in the country, immersed in his new musical project, further solidifying his connection to the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

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