Wordle 288 Answer – Check Word Solution For April 3, 2022

Wordle 288 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 3, 2022It’s Sunday and we’re here again to figure out the 288 Answer for April 3, 2022. Without much delay, let’s dive into the word solution of the day.

Today’s answer will be a tough one for many as it includes a duplicate vowel. Though the word itself is common, the presence of a duplicate letter can cause serious problems in this puzzle game.

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Today’s word has two vowels, one in position 2 and one in position 4. Still require assistance?

Then continue reading for the 288 answer.

What is the answer 288? (April 3, 2022)

The answer 288 is “FEWER.”

Wordle 288 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 3, 2022
288 Answer

“FEWER” as a determiner means “a small number of” or “used to emphasize how small a number is.”

As a pronoun, it means “a small number of people or things” or “used to emphasize how small a number of people or things is.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

“FEWER” could be a tricky word for players to work out, as the presence of two “E” letters is likely to confuse.

Most players’ starting guesses lean heavily into vowels, but not duplicate vowels. This means that the second “E” is unlikely to be found until later guesses. Thankfully, the “F” and “R” are fairly common and should be found easily. The “W,” however, could also pose a problem.

Those finding it difficult to track down the correct word may want to try using all of the available guesses to knock out as many letters as possible. So long as you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which forces players to use confirmed guesses in all of the following attempts, it’s best to use each new guess to eliminate as many potential letters as possible.

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