Wordle 296 Answer – Check Word Solution For April 11, 2022

Wordle 296 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 11, 2022
Answer for today

It’s a brand new week and we’re about to crack the 296 Answer for April 11, 2022.

Today’s answer is relatively easy to work out, though it does contain some rarer letters that some players may struggle to find in the earlier stages of the game. Need a hint?

Today’s word features two vowels, one in position 3 and one in position 4. Require even more help? Read on for the 296 answer.

What is the answer 296? (April 11, 2022)

The answer 296 is “SQUAD.”

Wordle 296 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 11, 2022
296 Answer

“SQUAD” is a noun that means “a small group of people having a particular task.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

Though “SQUAD” doesn’t include any duplicate or exceptionally rare letters, it may prove challenging to some players due to the “Q.” Thankfully, the “A,” “U,” and “S” should all be found relatively quickly, with most players’ starting guesses likely to contain plenty of vowels and, if they are smart, the very common “S.” Then it’s just a case of locking down the “D” and, finally, the “Q.” The “U” may provide assistance in finding the “Q,” what with how the two letters are linked.

For those who are having trouble hunting down the right word, a good approach can be to try and use all of the available guesses to eliminate as many letters as possible. So long as you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which forces players to use confirmed guesses in all subsequent attempts, it’s best to use each new guess to knock out as many potential letters as possible.

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