Wordle 299 Answer – Check Word Solution For April 14, 2022

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Wordle 299 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 14, 2022
Wordle Answer for today

We’re about to dig into the Wordle 299 Answer for April 14, 2022.
Today’s answer shouldn’t be too difficult, as it’s got a good combination of easy-to-guess vowels and common letters, though there are some uncommon letters sprinkled in there, too.

Need a tip? Today’s word has two vowels, one in position 2 and one in position 5. Still require assistance?

Read on for the Wordle 299 answer.

What is the Wordle answer 299? (April 14, 2022)
The Wordle answer 299 is “MINCE.”

Wordle 299 Answer - Check Word Solution For April 14, 2022
Wordle 299 Answer

“MINCE” as a verb means to “cut up or grind (food, especially meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades” or “walk with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner.” As a noun, it means “minced meat, especially beef.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

“MINCE” shouldn’t be too tricky to guess, as it’s relatively easy when compared to some of the tougher words we’ve had recently.

There aren’t any duplicate letters to confuse things, so most players should be able to work out the answer, provided they are familiar with the word and can recognize it forming from the confirmed letters. The “I” and “E” are likely to be found first, as most starting guesses incorporate a large number of vowels. Then the “N,” “M,” and “C” will likely be found, in that respective order.

Those having trouble hunting down the right word may want to try using all of the available guesses to knock out as many letters as possible could be a good strategy to try. Provided you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which forces players to use confirmed guesses in all of the following attempts, it’s best to use each new guess to eliminate as many potential letters as possible.

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