WhatsApp To Introduce ‘Request Account Info’ On Desktop

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WhatsApp recently rolled out a beta update that lets users request their account information on WhatsApp desktop.

WhatsApp To Introduce 'Request Account Info' On Desktop  This has been implemented to comply with European legislation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After updating your WhatsApp desktop to the latest beta version, you’ll be able to access this feature. It is currently only available to beta testers. Earlier this week WhatsApp also introduced free cloud-based API services in a push to get more companies using the app.

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out a new beta update which lets users request account info on the desktop. The feature was initially released on the Android and iOS platforms and only the first time they get accessed, it will be available to only those who have updated their WhatsApp beta. At this point in time, it is not yet known how many people will actually be able to use the feature due to being limited to some beta testers.

WhatsApp introduced the Request Account Info feature on Android and iOS in 2018 to make sure they were compliant with the European Union’s GDPR regulations. Three days after a request is made, you can expect WhatsApp to send out the report, but some additional time may be needed before it becomes available.

In other news, WhatsApp announced that it is also introducing free API services in an effort to get more businesses and companies using WhatsApp. Having previously unveiled an API, or type of software interface, for businesses and companies to connect their systems and use the service for customer service chats, WhatsApp generates revenue for Meta.

A recent report also noted that a subscription model for WhatsApp Business is being tested. With this model, businesses may opt to pay a certain amount for various features and capabilities. This first reveal of the subscription model was in April when it was reported that the feature will allow business accounts to connect up to 10 devices after they subscribe to a plan.

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