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Freestyle EP by

‘ wonderboy, Rema who’s currently generating huge waves drops a compilation of his previously freestyle to make a 4-track EP.

These freestyles by Rema owe production credits to , Kcaaz and Prod Level.

Check out all Rema’s freestyles:

  1. Boulevard: on this, Rema steams out on a girl who’s not fvcking with him ’cause he isn’t fly. He’s just a regular guy but this babe would rather get down with the other dude down the boulevard.

  2. American Love: This is one freestyle for a gal that has got Rema nuts and he’s not trading her for anything. In his words, “damn my girl know how to use a glock…” — her love like a drug to Rema.

  3. Spiderman: this comes as a fast-tempo trap song and it’s not something common in the Nigerian music scene. Rema brought a new wave with this freestyle.

  4. Trap Out The Submarine: this appears to be the most popular among the freestyles as it went viral on Instagram. “Take off my shoes finna walk on water so how can I be wrong for this”, Rema flows as he goes rhythmic with his bars.


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