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AUDIO + VIDEO: Flavour – Most High ft. Semah G. Weifur

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Flavour ft Semah G Weifu Most mp3 download

Flavour N’abania has offered a glorifying song titled Most High which features a young blind boy, Semah G Weifur from Liberia. The song is an inspiring tune with a resounding message.

Produced by Masterkraft, Semah ushered in with his own version, singing: ‘You tell me say make I no worry, that everything is gonna be okay, You’re the father to the fatherless… the miracle working God…‘. Deep and connecting, gospel is the sound!

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  1. Christopher George Reply

    Datz a very adorable song sang to d glory of d Almighty God

  2. wow ….
    y nat switch to gospel music ..Neva knew you can sing dis gud wen it comes to gospel

  3. really impressive… all to the glory of God … thumps up Flavour… my EVDC… Everyday crush… LOVE YOU LIKE AIR

  4. God bless ur gud work Flavour, others should emulate this…..

  5. Modest yuyun Reply

    Thanks flavour for putting a smile on the face of that little boy. May God bless you abundantly

  6. el brakers Reply

    Enter your comment u semah surely u re favoured like flavour.gud work love d song and d voice

  7. Words can not explain how touched I was when I first had this song, the heaven will never stop blessing U for putting a smile on that little boy’s face heart u dear.

    • Olayemi Fowowe

      Love this.
      May God perfect His work in the life of Semah G and more blessing on Flavour.

  8. Etz Chikancy bae Reply

    Wow i felt the holy spirit on every side the first day i had to seat down and slow digesting d meanings and the voice of this little blind boy who gave this song a beautiful angelic voice!! I was really move en touched after listening to this. Pleas a shout out to him en flavour. . . .

    Your big fan Etz Chikancy bae. . .

  9. sunnycole Hanley Reply

    I love you flavour if it come to gospel song you can sing it and am very happy for the little kid God will help you


  11. Flavour I think you are too good in this field like singing Christian music it suit you than the secular music you sing that nice keep. it up and I pray in the name of God that the little boy will have is sight back AMEN

  12. Little boy I know dat GOD will neva 4get you u will receive ur sight in JESUS name amen…..
    tankz 2 flavour 4 fulfilling ur wish may GOD bless you Amen

  13. chei, this song drives me crazy……………………make sense die i love it because its very thrilling and touching. Also nice website

  14. Samuel Wilson Reply

    Flavour I think your good in this aspect when it comes to Gospel, come let’s do this together and give God the glory that He Deserve….
    as for the young boy, don’t worry wait for the ryt time cuz I strongly believe that your blindness shall surely come to an end and you shall receive your sight in Jesus dear Name Amen. Yeah
    I still remain (Austin Aries fb)

  15. I haven’t stop listening to this song ever since I heard it. Its very inspirational and I feel greatly that that boy is anointed. Thank you Flavor, God will help you to be more useful to Him.

  16. Semah it was a dream come true for u. And to flavor, U have moved God on his throne by helping Semah actualize his dreams. U are indeed blessed.

  17. Got carried with so much anointing wen I heard diz song from a distance and I enquire to know of diz great artist wt a blessed voice only to realized its our own Flavour.
    Indeed, God hv a rizon for everything and for the fact dt yu r used to mk diz song, He is exalted coz yu blessed many including m. God is everything and I enjoined others to encourage yu to swing in2 gospel proper dan d circular muziks. We need more of ur ministration as many wl surely b saved for God!.

  18. Can’t help but shed some tears. What a voice! What a handsome boy! Come on check the lyrics of the boy’s solo in the song. God bless semah! God bless flavor!

  19. Olamide-Phemmax Reply

    Truly Jehovah is the most high…to be candid, couldn’t hold my breathe the very first day I saw this video. Imagine pure talent God the most high has imputed into a little handsome boy whom the wicked ones never wanted to blossom. But I pray by the power confineded in me if God is still God and forever will be, that little treasure whether he likes it or not & whether the battle of his generation likes it or not because he has received mercy from the most high wherever he is right now, “he should receive his sight in the mighty name of Jesus”. So shall it be & it has become permanent in his life in Jesus name.


    Hmm in fact i was really touched the first day i heard this song. i thank GOD for the life of Flavor who through the mercy of God has help this little talented kid unveil his potentials. FLAVOR, GOD bless you. keep shinning with this kid……

  21. hmmm flavour u will continue to prosper has u favour dis small boy d glory of God will be with u forever. u really impress me by bringing dis blind boy out of affliction. my lord will continue to bless u abundantly. And u did blind boy the spirit of lord will move n open ur eye for u in ijn.AMEN

  22. The Lord will continue to strengthen you in every area of ur life…..God bless you more and more.

  23. honestly I can explain how I was moved nd torched by did wonderful so much impressed keep it up.flavour may God almighty bless u for putting smile on dis innocent boy’s face.

  24. honestly am so much torched by dis lovely nd gentle song.flavour may d almighty bless u for putting a smile on dis innocent boy’s face nd also making him to realise DAT there is noting impossible for God to do.I pray DAT d God Almighty will regain ur sight back in Jesus name(Amen).

  25. words can’t explain how I feel the first time I listen to this track, I felt the holy spirit in me, thanks to flavour for putting smile on semah face, your enemies will not see your end you will see the end of your enemies

  26. sheyoblaze Reply

    for real flavor never cease to amuse me he killed this i had to listen to this song for more than hours God bless you Semah my lil cobhams in making i feel you bro i wish to hangout with you for real


      Same here with me dear, I wish I can see dis boy to my face oo

  27. What a song thank you two flavour & semah weifur I want to sing with you two what will I do

  28. am really blessed its not just a song but an inspiring one …GOD bless semah nd touch our flavor to b useful to ur glory

  29. Wat are wonderfull music dis music touches people heart semah one day u shall use ur eye to c in jesus name i love ur music flavour keep it up take care of d boy and God wil bless u

  30. Am crying over here am feel with tears of joy is the best flavour song have watched may God bless you for this beautiful song.

  31. Amaka victory Reply

    Wow I love the song may be the almighty to to bless you in Jesus name amen

  32. nathan shakantu Reply

    mr flavour and this young boy GOD BLESS YOU PLEASE for the song you sang for the world i dnt know that you can sing a song like this beautiful song

  33. it remind me when jesus taught his disciples how to part our father who at in heaven hello be thy name

  34. Wowowowow very touching and Encouraging. Soooo if the blind could still praise God despite his disability who am I then not to shout triumphantly in praises to him despite my worries! Jehovah you tooo muchh!

  35. Very lovely an touches song May God Almighty keeps you guyz going
    Mr Flavour, I tink gospel musik is your way but you change the direction to the worldly music
    Thank u very much for bringing the young blind boy up God bless you and for em may God grant em to receive his sight ijn….Amen

  36. i love you songs, may God continue to blessing you with more music in Jesus name……………

  37. Adesola enioluwa Reply

    God bless u,semah,Flavour you are lifted for giving this Boy a life. God uphold u SEMAH.

  38. The song is very inspiring and it touches my heart so much. God bless you guys for great work done through the 🎶

  39. God iz the hearer, the creater and the maker of all: young litle blind tears boy am very hapy to hear yo praise holy spirit song wth this holyman called FLAVUR yes indeed GOD Iz the most higher. JESUS used to hering the sick, the blind people to see, the blave to walk and talk may u continue sing wonderfuy meaninful gospel music in yo life SEMAH G And FLAVUR MAN OF PILARS GOD BLEES UUU TWO

  40. wow that is great of this little blind boy infact i love the song and the spirit is working love all bless u bro n little boy

  41. God bless that little boy n u my man flavor , lets link up, zion from ghana

  42. Edwin Chileshe Reply

    Great music out there….
    Thanks be to the Almighty God for this

  43. God bless you sir, this is great, and when i hear it, it gives me Joy. More Grace.

  44. Thanks flavour
    I can see the boy has even touch your life u are now a cool guy
    Very nice God bless u all

  45. I cried when I heard the song I was touched with the Holy Ghost when I heard the song…. How I wish this little boy gain his sight…. God bless u flavour

  46. Taban Alfred Reply

    wow! You and the are so amazing really. You song are of great influence to the world.

    God bless you and the boy

  47. The song was so interested I love it,,, God bless you more Mr FLAVOR

  48. Like seriously, Flavour you too much…….. The Lord is good anyways

  49. Esther D'souza Reply

    Best site for gospel music, fast, efficient, great, reliable.

  50. That was a lovely song, I had to listen to it over and over again without getting tired… You are surely blessed…. Thank you flavor for being used to open doors for him Semah G… Am your huge fan

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