Portable: From Trenches to Riches with 20 Cars and 10 Mansions!

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Portable: From Trenches to Riches with 20 Cars and 10 Mansions!

Renowned Nigerian vocalist, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, recently made headlines with his unexpected revelation concerning his extensive collection of vehicles and real estate holdings.

In an enlightening interview, the celebrated artist shared that his automotive collection boasts nearly two dozen vehicles, featuring luxury models such as a Range Rover and a G-Wagon.

Portable also revealed his ownership of 10 properties, with some fully constructed and others in various stages of completion, including a hotel currently being developed.

He stated that the hotel project is underway in Ogun State and discussed his engagement in both completed and ongoing real estate ventures, which interestingly include a market.

Moreover, Portable pointed out his down-to-earth living despite his modest background, stressing his commitment to authenticity and shunning any form of ostentatious living.

He stated;

“It’s the bad roads that spoil my cars. I have bought many cars, I bought a G-Wagon and, a Range Rover, I bought plenty cars. I bought like 20 cars, it’s the road.

“This governor and president should fix Ogun State roads. Let us be able to drive smoothly from Lekki to Abeokuta. I’m building my hotel here. I have about 10 mansions here, both completed and uncompleted. I built a market.

“I live in the trenches, but I don’t live trenches life. There is no fake life here”.

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