Why I Married Portable – Actress Ashabi Simple

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In a surprising turn of events, Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple has spoken out about her decision to marry singer Portable, despite his controversial public image.

Why I Married Portable - Actress Ashabi Simple  The couple recently welcomed a newborn child on June 6. At the naming ceremony of their child, Portable announced that the actress is now his “housewife”.

During an exclusive interview with FaceTV, Ashabi Simple candidly shared her thoughts on their union, shedding light on the reasons behind her choice.

She emphasized the singer’s unwavering support and the immense happiness he brings into her life as key factors that led to their marriage.

Acknowledging the potential criticism and mockery they may face due to Portable’s controversial persona, Ashabi Simple bravely disregarded the opinions of others.

She noted that personal happiness should prevail over societal perceptions, understanding that what attracts her to Portable might repel others.

“If I see someone and I like him, other people might see him and not like him because what is appealing to me about him might be a turn-off for another,” the actress said.

“I am happy because it was not in my plans and I never considered marrying an actor, let alone a musician. It is a new beginning for me. I’m happy because he (Portable) is supportive and he is ready to be more supportive.

“I faced a lot of challenges but I thank God. Right from the time I started dating Portable, I was scared that people would mock and abuse me. I thought about it and asked myself if people would console me when I am not happy.

“I decided that this is my happiness and since I wasn’t looking for approval, I went for it. I’m happy because my man makes me happy because if he is not there for me, today won’t be possible.”

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