Plagiarism Checker With Percentage Especially For Students

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Plagiarism Checker with Percentage Especially for Students

The term “” is not good for a student’s because submitting plagiarized assignments is a severe crime in the academic field. Plagiarism or copyright issues leave a bad impact on the student’s study life and career. Some institutes take it seriously and do not give another chance to students to complete their degrees. The universities suspend them & cancel their registration as a punishment.

But now, it’s no more a dream to get rid of this situation as advanced technologies favor students. Thanks to advanced checking systems, today students can authenticate the work before submission. Many plagiarism detector tools on the internet can provide the percentage form of results regarding plagiarism. If documents a high plagiarism rate, the user can reduce it by rewriting those particular lines.

For this, we must know different types of plagiarism so that their removal can become easier.

Types of plagiarism:

You can check for plagiarism in a better way if you know what kind of text is regarded as plagiarized. Flowing four types are written below:

  1. The first and worst condition is when you present someone else’s content without editing even a bit. This is known as a deliberate attempt at duplication.
  2. When you use quotations in your work, but there are no quotation marks around them. This lack of proper citing can also lead to plagiarism.
  3. You have used others’ original definitions in your thesis, but you skip to cite the original author or source.
  4. When you copy some text from your own published articles and try to utilize them in your new articles. This type refers to self-duplication or plagiarism!
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Required steps to check plagiarism from plagiarism detector:

Checking for plagiarism is an essential step before publishing or submitting the assignments to your supervisors. Your grades are at risk if you don’t use any plagiarism detector to remove similarity errors from your work before submissions.

The important steps are mentioned below:

  1. The user will upload the content or assignment files into the provided space by a plagiarism checker.
  2. You can also paste the copied content directly.
  3. Drag and drop or use the Google Drive option for quick uploading is also available in most tools.
  4. Hit the icon “Check Plagiarism” to get the results.

Characteristics of the best plagiarism detector:

Check around billions of sources:

You can check similarity issues by using any of the best online plagiarism checkers who have integrations with over ten billion webpages.

Percentage gauges:

The best plagiarism detector tools provide the copyright result in percentage forms. The unique phrases are also reported with a percentage figure that tells about the uniqueness of the content.

Multiple formats:

The students can save their assignments in any format they like. The best plagiarism checker does not bound the user to check assignments in a specific format. They can check the contents written in any format including .pdf, Docx, txt, or .odt, etc.

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Download option:

The students can save their plagiarism reports in their device’s storage. The teachers can also work with these tools and download student’s plagiarism reports for any evidence.

Multiple languages:

The students may write the assignment in any of the languages they feel comfortable with. The majority of the online plagiarism checkers will always welcome the users to upload the files written in multiple languages. The accuracy of the reports/results is not affected by the change of languages.

Highlighted content:

The copyright checkers highlight the content, which is considered as plagiarized by them. This feature helps users rewrite them in a sophisticated way instead of rewriting the whole assignment again.

Some significant online plagiarism checkers:

Plagiarism Checker by Searchenginereports:

It is a free online plagiarism detector that does not ask its customers to pay even a single penny. The users are offered to upload up to 1500 words to check plagiarism in one go without any cost. It displays the plagiarism results to its users within a few seconds so that they may not have to wait. You can access this tool easily by navigating to plagiarism checker. The users rely on this check for plagiarism utility because of its best security policy. The input data is automatically removed from its databases. Its interface is not complex to understand or use, and even beginners can use it without any hassle.

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Duplichecker Plagiarism Tool:

It is easy to use this plagiarism checker because the interface provided by this tool is totally simple and comfortable. You can copy the text and then paste it into the provided space, or they are also welcome to use the drag-drop option to upload files.


There is a huge variety of tools offered by Copyleaks, which help to produce high-quality results. All kinds of formats and languages are supported by it to let the user feel at home with it. You can easily check grammar and plagiarism issues if you are working as a registered user!

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