Ondo State Deputy Governor Accused of Undermining Governor’s Authority

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Ondo State Deputy Governor Accused of Undermining Governor's Authority
Turmoil in Ondo State: Deputy Governor’s Actions Raise Concerns

The frosty relationship between Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State and his Deputy, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has taken a troubling turn, as allegations surface regarding plans to undermine the authority of the governor’s office. This revelation comes after Governor Akeredolu transmitted power to his deputy, Mr. Aiyedatiwa, due to an ongoing medical treatment, with his expected return scheduled for July 6.

Fresh facts have emerged, suggesting that since the announcement of the power transfer, Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa has been engaging in actions and making decisions that undermine the authority of the governor’s office. Dr. Doyin Odebowale, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Special Duties and Strategies, recently raised concerns about certain politicians exploiting Governor Akeredolu’s absence to gain control over the state’s treasury.

A reliable government source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that the deputy governor has allegedly demanded unrestricted access to the state treasury. In addition to his regular monthly allocation, Mr. Aiyedatiwa has reportedly insisted on receiving the governor’s allowance and other benefits associated with the office. Furthermore, the deputy governor has been interrogating government officials regarding the governor’s earnings and expenditures.

The anonymous source clarified, “We are not concerned about the political turmoil within the government. Our priority is ensuring due process. The governor’s office does not directly instruct us to release funds. There are established procedures for financial disbursements in the government, and all approvals must go through the Ministry of Finance.”

The source continued, “Aside from the running grant accruing to the deputy governor’s office monthly, he has also demanded that the governor’s running grant and other emoluments attached to the office of the governor be handed to him as acting Governor. In the past week, the deputy governor has summoned and threatened two of our officials. He has inquired about the governor’s spending and demanded to know how funds allocated to the governor’s office are disbursed. He believes he is entitled to two streams of funding, insisting that the governor’s office allocation should be included as part of his role as acting governor.”

Government officials have explained to Mr. Aiyedatiwa that even the governor’s office routes its approvals through the Ministry of Finance. However, the deputy governor remains obstinate, repeatedly demanding immediate funds. Despite attempts to educate him on proper financial protocols and the responsible use of public funds, he persists. His confrontational and demanding behavior is viewed as executive recklessness by government officials, who would prefer not to be involved in any reckless activities.

The situation has raised concerns among political observers in Ondo State, who are closely monitoring the developments amid fears that it could destabilize the state government. With Governor Akeredolu’s return approaching, it remains to be seen how the ongoing power struggle between the governor and his deputy will be resolved and what impact it may have on the governance and stability of the state.

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