Ogun Assembly Declares August 20 Isese Cultural Day

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In a landmark decision, the Ogun State House of Assembly has officially declared August 20 as Isese Cultural Day in the state.

Ogun Assembly Declares August 20 Isese Cultural Day  Through a unanimous resolution passed on Tuesday, the lawmakers have designated this date as a work-free day to celebrate the vibrant tradition and culture of the Yoruba people residing in the state.

During a plenary session presided over by the Speaker, Olakunle Oluomo, the resolution was swiftly approved by the lawmakers following their return from a productive two-week recess.

The motion to establish the Isese Cultural Day was proposed by the Majority Leader of the House, Yusuf Sheriff, and was seconded by the Minority Leader, Lukmon Adeleye.

The deliberations surrounding the motion saw a consensus among the lawmakers, who firmly believed that the resolution would play a crucial role in promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Ogun State for future generations.

The unanimous support for the Isese Cultural Day demonstrated a collective commitment to showcase and propagate the distinctive customs and traditions that define the Yoruba community in the state.

Commending the legislators for their valuable contributions to the successful passage of the resolution, Speaker Olakunle Oluomo emphasized the significance of the annual event in establishing a definitive identity for the cultural values of the people.

He emphasized that the declaration of a public holiday is the sole responsibility of the federal government, stating, “This proposed work-free day will provide a platform to give due recognition to the cultural values of our people.”

The declaration of August 20 as Isese Cultural Day is a momentous occasion for Ogun State, underscoring the government’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its diverse cultural heritage.

This decision will not only honor the Yoruba tradition but also promote unity, inclusivity, and social cohesion among the people. As the state eagerly awaits the inaugural celebration of the Isese Cultural Day, expectations are running high for a grand event that will showcase the beauty, history, and resilience of Ogun State’s cultural tapestry.

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