National APC Chairman Clarifies Position on President Tinubu’s Victory

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National APC Chairman Clarifies Position on President Tinubu's Victory
APC National Chairman Confirms Backing Senator Lawan in Presidential Primaries

In a recent revelation, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has admitted that he actively supported Senator Ahmad Lawan, a former President of the Senate and presidential aspirant for the APC, during the party’s presidential primaries. Despite his involvement with Lawan’s campaign, Adamu firmly believes that he deserves recognition for the victory of President Bola Tinubu.

Responding to speculations surrounding his purported differences with President Tinubu, Adamu dismissed the claims as baseless. He clarified that prior to Tinubu’s emergence, he had the right to endorse any candidate he chose. The national chairman highlighted that the alleged rift between him and the president was unfounded.

Addressing the issue of his stance on the recently elected principal officers of the national assembly, Adamu clarified that his statements were misinterpreted. He emphasized that the APC’s concerns were centered on the lawmakers’ handling of communication, rather than his position. He further noted that members always had the opportunity to express their opinions during national meetings.

Adamu specifically mentioned Saliu Lukman, who had consistently accused him of monopolizing power within the party. He highlighted that Lukman himself had attended the aforementioned meetings, thereby having the chance to voice his grievances. Adamu criticized Lukman’s decision to take the party to court, considering it a serious offense. However, Adamu acknowledged that Lukman later withdrew the case and issued an apology.

During an interview, Adamu confirmed that he presented Senator Ahmed Lawan’s name to the National Working Committee (NWC) before the party’s convention. However, he clarified that numerous events unfolded leading up to the convention, ultimately resulting in Tinubu’s unanimous endorsement. Adamu asserted that he led the party’s convention and subsequently visited Tinubu at his Asokoro residence, assuring him of their unwavering support. He expressed his disappointment that instead of receiving commendation for their success in the election, they faced criticism.

Adamu firmly stated that it was inappropriate to vilify him at this time, considering his pivotal role in leading the party to victory. He asserted that since Tinubu emerged as the party’s candidate, it was imperative for all members to rally around him. Moreover, Adamu highlighted his positive working relationship with President Tinubu since his election. He mentioned that the president consistently pays close attention to their discussions whenever they meet.

Asserting the existence of freedom of speech in the country, Adamu expressed his willingness to disagree with the president on any matter. He urged the media not to misconstrue their interactions as altercations, emphasizing that reports suggesting a rift between him and the president were speculative. Adamu called upon the media to maintain fairness in their coverage and portrayal of his relationship with the president.

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