My Biggest Regret Was Ever Greeting Lil Kesh – Demmie Vee


My Biggest Regret Was Ever Greeting Lil Kesh - Demmie Vee

Demmie Vee, one the Nigerian music producers in the buzz right now, also known by his real name Demola Awotungase, has called out his colleague, YAGI crooner Lil Kesh for snubbing him recently at an event.

Demola who is currently on a radio tour of his new single, Love Me Tender remix featuring ARR boss, 9ice stopped by at Star FM Lagos on Monday for an evening drive interview.

When the OAP asked him about his biggest regret so far in the industry, did not mince words as he stated courageously, that his biggest regret was ever greeting Lil Kesh.

It was at a Lagos @ 50 event and I had gone to the event with 9ice, whom by the way is humble to a fault despite his achievement.

As I entered the event, the presenter that was interviewing Lil Kesh saw me and hailed me. The presenter was trying to interview me but I had to pay respect to Lil Kesh whom he was interviewed prior to my arrival.

Of course, things went sour with him and to my utter dismay, he yelled at me and pushed my hands off as I made to shake or embrace him. I never see myself as a competitor with him because our style of music is different.

He further proceeded by saying ‘guy wetin happen? I sabi you?’ I explained to him that I just wanted to say hi, but he yelled again ‘for what? why you wan greet me?’.

All things considered, I was shocked and extremely embarrassed. I felt like the ground should just open up and swallow me because people were looking at me and i am generally a free minded person. I was like what’s bad in showing love to someone?. Yet i saw this dude relating to a couple of people, so not like he was in a bad mood or something.

‘For this reason, my biggest regret was greeting him in the first place. But am over it. It happens’, he said.

Demmie who is also very close to Tubaba and has shot and released a video with the music legend disclosed that the incident that day has made him to be more conscious and reluctant to approach colleagues he admires whenever he sees them at an event because he doesn’t know what their reactions might be.

Interestingly, just recently Lil Kesh was all over the place spreading a campaign about “No Love” in the industry and the need for artistes to show love to one another. But as far as was concerned, Lil Kesh has no love to give.

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