Blaqbonez Bad Boy Blaq Album Review

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– Ogbeni Sinzu –

Blaqbonez Bad Boy Blaq Album Review

Arguably the most talked about rapper in Nigeria right now as at the time of writing. A product off the #LAMBAugust championed by Choc City. Is Blaqbonez worth the hype?. Is he really worth the comparisons with Nasty? Find out on the next few lines of my review

1. Accommodate: The album opens up with this track..”Had a conversation with the devil he said serve me and get everything on the menu”. lyrics to the chorus ???? …it’s left to see if Blaq ends up taking that deal. It’s tempting yunno????..8/10

2. Denied: Yes yes, I heard this song b4 the release. During one of @blaqbonez many performances. Shit’s lit!!!.. Trap never felt so good..chorus mad..verse fia.. 9/10

3. Play: Arguably the best song off this album (Denied issa competitor though). Blaq’s singing on this Yo and it’s ????. Said I wouldn’t want blaq to become a singer but if this be what he plans on feeling my ears then please please do sing???? 9/10

4. Lowkey: “Yo I was with her but she never made my stories” love this line.. This one’s got alpha, Loose Kaynon and AQ featured on it.. “U ain’t rich u just got a rich boss ????????”..loose????..7/10

5. Tosin’s song: . Starts up with that convo where d guy’s saying sm cute won ti get e @blaqbonez.. Sharra to Tosin u got a young n!gga in his feels 8/10

6. blaq kinda gets reflective on this talks about his grind and shi 7/10

7. Woke: Men sharra(shoutout) to em autotunes.. Shi sounds good. Emeka flows in pidgin yeah I don missed this part of’s refreshing 8/10

8. I Told you Featuring Terry Apala: Blaq talks about how nobody fuvked with him for he really started getting the attention and now folks be claiming yo u with M remember we went to the Same school and shi like that. This one’s lit 8/10

9. Mamiwota: lol my type of jam.. Blaq opens this track with some Witty ass line.. Oxlade did justice to his verse and chorus.. Why blow be liking all this kind babes what.. First karishika with Kyle b and Co now mamiwota with Oxlade. Iss alryt 8/10

10. Consent: @Blaqbonez takes on a common twitter topic and does justice to it.. 7/10..Autotunes got him sounding like Tory lanez x Travis Scott

Ratings and what they mean

7. Not bad at all not just totally my jam
8. I fuvk with it chorus-wise x lyrics wise
9. Issa lituation

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Overall score: 9/10

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