Blaqbonez Calls Out Artists Using Streaming Farms To Promote Songs

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Nigerian rapper, Blaqbonez, has taken to social media to criticize his fellow artists who rely on streaming farms to boost their chart numbers.

Blaqbonez Calls Out Artists Using Streaming Farms To Promote Songs

The rapper, whose real name is Emeka Akumefule, is well known for his outspoken opinions on the Nigerian music industry.

Blaqbonez, who made headlines last week after he mocked singer Portable over his arrest, directed his tweet at Nigerian artists who depend on streaming farms.

He expressed his hope that these artists will one day be caught by the platforms themselves so that everyone can see who the “fraud” artists are.

This issue has been a topic of controversy in the Nigerian music industry, with claims that certain artists do not entirely deserve the accolades that they receive. Just recently, BNXN and Ruger also dragged each other on social media over the issue of streaming farms.

In his tweet, Blaqbonez wrote, “One day these platforms would catch you streaming farm guys, and then everyone would know the Yahoo artists from the real ones. Continue.”

Streaming farms refer to the practice of artificially boosting an artist’s streams by using bots or paid services.

The use of streaming farms is a violation of the terms and conditions of most music streaming platforms and can result in a ban from the platform.

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