Blaqbonez Drops Bombshell Diss Track ‘Stealth Mode

Nigerian Rap Sensation Challenges Stream Farm Artists, Calls for Respect in the Music Scene

In a surprise move that has shaken the Nigerian music landscape, prominent rapper Blaqbonez has dropped a freestyle music video titled “Stealth Mode,” serving as an unexpected diss track against a slew of artists within the Nigerian music industry. The provocative move comes on the heels of the artist’s recent entanglement in a heated altercation involving fellow artists BNXN (formerly known as Buju) and Ckay.

Blaqbonez Drops Bombshell Diss Track 'Stealth Mode

“Stealth Mode,” according to Blaqbonez, is more than a musical expression; it’s a challenge to his contemporaries. The rapper’s reputation for stylistic versatility within the Afrobeats genre is well-established, and he feels it is high time his peers recognized his impact on the industry. Blaqbonez’s prolific output spans multiple notable sub-genres of Afrobeats, consistently maintaining a standard that has yet to fall below expectations.

The freestyle music video appears to target artists involved in stream farming, suggesting they are no match for Blaqbonez’s authentic, organic growth. The rapper implies that these artists use artificial means to boost their streaming numbers, unlike his genuine fan-driven success.

Blaqbonez’s message is unequivocal: he believes these stream farming artists should acknowledge his impact and achievements in the Nigerian music scene. His daring call for respect has already sent ripples through the industry, igniting debates and fuelling anticipation for any possible responses.

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