Ijebu East Local Government Chairman Suspended Over Financial Impropriety

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Ijebu East Local Government Chairman Suspended Over Financial Impropriety
Suspension Hits Ijebu East Local Government Chairman

In a significant development that has sent shockwaves through the Ijebu East local government area of Ogun State, the Legislative Council has taken the decision to suspend the Council Chairman, Mr. Wale Adedayo, for a duration of three months. The suspension comes in light of allegations of “financial maladministration” that have cast a shadow over Mr. Adedayo’s tenure.

The Council’s lawmakers, in a meticulously crafted letter titled “Financial Maladministration of Hon. Wale Adedayo as Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government, Ogbere, Ijebu,” cited a litany of concerns that have prompted this drastic move. The letter, signed by the Leader of the House, Hon. Fasheyi Akindele Adesuji, along with six other Councillors, outlined a series of financial transgressions that have raised eyebrows and fueled apprehensions within the local government.

Central among the allegations is the claim that Chairman Adedayo withdrew a substantial sum of N4 million from the local government’s account under the guise of an empowerment initiative in 2022. However, to date, no concrete evidence of any empowerment activity has been presented. Further financial irregularities include the purported wastage of N2 million on the Isese festival on August 20, 2022, and the allocation of N250,000 duty tour allowances for both Chairman Adedayo and other senior officials in June 2023, without proper accountability.

The allegations do not stop there. It has been alleged that Mr. Adedayo misappropriated N426,000 for the production of a report on the 2020 ‘Jigbo’ festival in Ijebu East, even before assuming office. Similarly, the inauguration expenses for the Women in Politics in Ijebu East LG, amounting to N350,000, are questioned as the funds reportedly never reached the intended recipients.

Amidst these accusations, the Council members also pointed out instances of questionable expenditure surrounding the commissioning of the Legislative Building in April 2023, which included entertainment and logistics expenses amounting to N350,000 and N295,000, respectively.

The alleged misuse of funds took a more egregious turn when the Council Chairman was implicated in the production of a mere 20 chairs for schools under a budget of N8.2 million, and the unaccounted disappearance of N20 million and N15 million sent from the state government for unspecified projects.

In addition, Chairman Adedayo faces serious allegations of withholding security votes, as he reportedly failed to release the Vice Chairman’s monthly N300,000 security vote for a staggering five months. This claim is compounded by his inability to account for over N2.5 million left in the project account of the council by the previous administration meant for the completion of a school at Kajola, Ogbere, which, despite the funds, remains uncompleted.

Furthermore, the Chairman is accused of collecting illegal taxes from Ijebu East Okada riders and drivers without the approval of the Legislative Council, effectively imposing a “levy” that results in double taxation during challenging times for the local populace.

To address these grave concerns, the Legislative Council has mandated Chairman Adedayo to step aside during the course of a thorough investigation. The suspension, lasting three months, is intended to allow for an impartial inquiry into the alleged financial malfeasance. During this period, Vice Chairman will assume the role of Chairman in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

The Chairman has also been summoned to appear before the House during its next session on September 14, 2023, and the Council Treasurer, through the Head of the Local Government Administration (HOLGA), has been instructed to provide the House with comprehensive financial statements and related documents from the past two years to facilitate the investigation.

The Legislative Council’s decisions will also be communicated to the Governor of Ogun State and the Ogun State House of Assembly for their awareness and necessary actions. The Ijebu East local government area is watching keenly as these allegations are subjected to a rigorous inquiry to ensure accountability and transparency in its leadership.

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