IGP’s Special Squad Detains Police and Immigration Personnel on Badagry-Seme Expressway

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IGP's Special Squad Detains Police and Immigration Personnel on Badagry-Seme Expressway
: IGP’s Special Squad Apprehends Officers at Illegal Checkpoints on Badagry-Seme Expressway

Chaos erupted along the Badagry-Seme Expressway yesterday as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Special Squad launched a surprise crackdown on illegal checkpoints. The operation resulted in the arrest of several police officers and members of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) who were allegedly involved in extorting motorists and impeding trade along the critical Seme-Badagry corridor.

Reports from the scene indicated that the IGP squad, acting on a tip-off, apprehended police officers and other security personnel stationed at these unauthorized checkpoints. These makeshift checkpoints had reportedly caused considerable disruptions to the smooth flow of goods and people, thus hampering trade facilitation and tarnishing the nation’s reputation on regional and continental fronts.

This operation follows a recent meeting between the Comptroller-General of Customs, Bashir Adeniyi, and the IGP, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, during which both high-ranking officials pledged to eliminate the proliferation of illegal checkpoints along the Lagos-Abidjan corridor.

Maritime stakeholders hailed the IGP for initiating the cleanup efforts and urged him to sustain the operation until the entire axis is purged of these unauthorized checkpoints. They also extended their appeal to the Comptroller-General of Customs and the IGP to expand this initiative to address issues within the maritime police force. According to these stakeholders, certain elements within the maritime police have been obstructing legitimate businesses and trade facilitation.

Speaking out against the maritime police’s encroachment on customs responsibilities, a Seme-based Customs broker, who requested anonymity, revealed, “The maritime police command has overstepped their boundaries by obstructing manifests and preventing shipping companies from releasing them. They’ve gone so far as to seize containers on the road, relocating them to unauthorized premises. We implore the IGP to broaden their focus to include these practices. The extortion at the maritime command needs to be curbed, and they must refocus on tackling maritime crimes instead.”

It is anticipated that this ongoing crackdown will continue until all errant individuals within the responsible agencies are sanctioned, ensuring that the notorious illegal checkpoints are eradicated, and the trade corridor can function unhindered. The joint efforts of the IGP and the Comptroller-General of Customs are expected to facilitate not only smoother trade but also present a more positive image of Nigeria on both the regional and continental stages.

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