Dutch Forward Beerensteyn Takes Swipe at US Team’s World Cup Exit

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Dutch Forward Beerensteyn Takes Swipe at US Team's World Cup Exit
Beerensteyn Delighted by US Women’s World Cup Upset

In a candid statement, Dutch forward Lineth Beerensteyn didn’t hold back her sentiments as she expressed her delight over the United States’ unexpected exit from the Women’s World Cup. The US, who were the reigning champions following their victory against the Netherlands in the 2019 final, faced a surprising elimination in the last 16, ending their quest for an unprecedented third consecutive World Cup title.

Beerensteyn, who had been an integral part of the Netherlands’ journey in the tournament, made her thoughts known ahead of their quarter-final match against Spain. She reminisced about the US team’s confident demeanor right from the start of the competition and their pre-tournament talks about reaching the final.

“The first moment when I heard that they were out, I was just thinking, ‘Yes! Bye!'” Beerensteyn remarked, unapologetically expressing her satisfaction at their exit. She continued, “Because from the start of this tournament they had already a really big mouth. They were talking already about the final and stuff. I was just thinking: you first have to show it on the pitch before you are talking.”

The US team kicked off their World Cup defense with an impressive 3-0 victory over Vietnam. However, their performance took a downturn as they failed to secure another win, even drawing 1-1 with the Netherlands in the group stage. The unexpected elimination in the last 16 marked the US team’s worst-ever performance in World Cup history.

Beerensteyn, while not intending to be disrespectful, emphasized that her comments were rooted in the concept of letting actions speak louder than words. “I am not being rude in that way. I mean, I have still a lot of respect for them, but now they are out of the tournament,” she clarified. She also noted that the US team should take this as a lesson for the future: “For them, it’s a thing that they have to take with them in the future — don’t start to talk about something that’s far away.”

As the Women’s World Cup continues to unfold, Beerensteyn’s candid remarks have added an extra layer of intrigue to the competition. With the quarter-finals underway, soccer enthusiasts around the world are now keenly observing whether the Netherlands can capitalize on their momentum and make their mark on the tournament.

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