NGO Launches Mental Health Training for Nigerian Police

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NGO Launches Mental Health Training for Nigerian Police
Nigerian Police Receive Training for Mental Health Awareness

Recognizing the significance of mental health within the armed forces, police, and other paramilitary organizations, particularly in the face of economic challenges, the Mind Management Foundation has initiated a comprehensive mental health awareness training program aimed at reaching more than 200,000 members of the Nigerian Police Force in Lagos.

The Mind Management Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to addressing mental health issues, and it has devised this program to contribute to the government’s efforts in addressing this societal concern.

Launching the training at the Lagos Command, Barrister Arinze Emmanuel, the Director of the Foundation, emphasized the critical nature of mental health, affecting individuals of all ages. He noted that mental health issues are a leading cause of suicides, with an estimated one in every four individuals in society being impacted.

Emmanuel stated, “Our organization is embarking on a nationwide road tour to extend this awareness campaign to 200,000 police officers across the country. Our vision is to deliver comprehensive training and awareness initiatives related to this societal problem to all police barracks nationwide.”

He continued, “This outreach will significantly impact the lives of not only the police officers undergoing training but also their family members and friends. By the end of the training, we anticipate a positive change in the mindset of the officers.”

Furthermore, Emmanuel explained, “In addition to training, the Foundation intends to establish counseling and mental health correctional centers within each police barracks and offices across all 36 states of Nigeria, commencing with the police commands in Lagos State.”

He also called upon government and corporate entities to provide support in combatting this pressing issue.

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, who serves as the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, expressed the Nigerian Police’s full support for the mental health awareness training. He noted that many Nigerian police officers in active service are vulnerable to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to their demanding roles.

Owohunwa emphasized the need for programs dedicated to creating, implementing, assessing, and supervising psychotherapy services for young police officers and their families. He believes this initiative will not only boost the morale of attending officers but also enhance their dedication and effectiveness in their duties.

He concluded by urging police personnel to provide the necessary support when called upon by their respective divisions.

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