FIFA Announces Direct Payment of 2023 World Cup Prize Money to Players

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FIFA Announces Direct Payment of 2023 World Cup Prize Money to Players
Super Falcons’ Plight Sparks Change

In a groundbreaking decision, the world football governing body, FIFA, has declared that the prize money for the 2023 World Cup will be paid directly to the players, eliminating any involvement of a third party. The announcement was made by Fatma Samoura, the FIFA Secretary-General, in a viral video.

The move comes as a response to the long-standing issue of unpaid allowances affecting the Super Falcons of Nigeria, a matter that had garnered widespread attention in the lead-up to the tournament. The coach of the Nigerian team, Randy Waldrum, had publicly disclosed that some players were owed “per diem and bonuses” dating back two years.

In the emotional video, Fatma Samoura acknowledged the hardships faced by the Super Falcons and expressed her deep concern for their welfare. She stated that FIFA would take direct responsibility for ensuring that the match bonuses reach the players without any delays or complications.

“I know that things have been tough. We have to face the realities of Nigeria. It pains me a lot. It is because of you [the Super Falcons] that, for the first time, the prize money has been ring-fenced in the history of FIFA to ensure that it goes to you,” said the FIFA Secretary-General.

FIFA had earlier revealed that every player participating in the World Cup group stage would earn a base amount of $30,000. However, the prize money will significantly increase to $60,000 in the second round of the competition, which the Super Falcons have now qualified for after finishing second in group B.

With their impressive performance, every member of the Nigerian team is set to earn at least $60,000 for reaching the round of 16, a substantial boost to the players’ financial well-being.

The decision by FIFA to pay the prize money directly to the players represents a monumental step towards ensuring fair treatment and financial security for athletes on the international stage. It also serves as a testament to the significance of the issues raised by the Super Falcons, prompting FIFA to take concrete action to address the matter.

As Nigeria prepares to face England in the second-round contest on Monday, the focus now shifts to the exciting prospect of the team continuing their journey in the tournament. The Falcons will undoubtedly draw inspiration from the unprecedented support and commitment shown by FIFA towards ensuring their welfare and financial rights.

With the world’s eyes on the 2023 World Cup, the announcement made by FIFA marks a pivotal moment for women’s football, emphasizing the importance of upholding players’ rights and promoting equality in the sport.

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