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#TBT Oriri – Sisi Eko

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On today’s edition of Thursday, we delightfully bring to you “Sisi Eko”, one of the great love songs to have evolved in the early 2000s performed by .

Osayomore is the son of Benin veteran highlife musician, Ambassador Osayomore Joseph.
He began his journey into music by secretly learning to play the drums and mastering his skills by age 15. An ardent lover of African rhythm, he credits his father with igniting his passion.

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“I remember early on whenever I heard music, I knew I could either sing it or play, I just always knew. My earliest experience was in my nursery school at command in G.R.A Benin; I learnt some popular Nigerian songs (Yoruba) it was a fun day for me. I also remember in my primary school at Ebenezer being a part of end of year school play plus the main performer when I did my Dads song ‘Ododo’”.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hold me now, rock with me girl
Do it again as the days when we were younger
Baby remember, under the guava, we stay together like bread and butter
Hold me now, baby rock with me
Do it again like the days when we were tender
Baby remember under the guava,
We stay together like tea and sugar
You may be 19 now, you may be 40 year
I will turn 24 in this coming December
Baby remember age e na number
We stay together, today forever

Sisi Eko (Eko x 2)
Sisi owo (owo owo)
Promise you will never leave me alone
I am for u as u are for me
Promise u will never leave me alone

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