Buruji Kashamu Should Emulate Hon. Odeneye Kehinde – Adebamiro Damilola

Buruji Kashamu Should Emulate Hon. Odeneye Kehinde - Adebamiro Damilola
Damilola Adebamiro

This might be termed a personal view but sincerely the Ogun East Senator has performed below expectations. When he was campaigning. We heard him calling himself names like the Liberator, Emancipator, Authority, Freedom Fighter and so on. But how many of these names have been put into action?

I think the Senator has been involved in more of party politics with the role he has been playing in the ongoing PDP crisis. Though, there has been lot of speculations that the Ogun East Senator is being used sponsored by the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinunu and some other people within the APC to make sure that the PDP is unsettled. We even heard back then that Dapo Abiodun was the one who used Prince Buruji Kashamu to frustrate the ambition of The only Two Term Ogun PDP Has Produced in Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel from getting the Senatorial Ticket under PDP so he could have an easy ride to the senatorial seat before Buruji Kashamu outsmarted him and emerged. His emergence made some of us to believe this could not be true. We could also recall that when Prince Buruji Kashamu came newly into Ogun State politics, while he was addressing party Leaders and faithfuls in his Ijebu Igbo residence made it clear that he has no intention of contesting for even councillorship that he doesn’t even have the credentials. But so far so good, has he been walking the talk?
Senator Buruji has to concentrate more on delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of his Senatorial District.

For me, He has failed to live up to his electoral promises. I have been seeing Omo Ilu Foundation giving out cars to Women and this will make me ask the following questions

Who are these women?
What are they expected to do with the cars given to them?
Is it for private use or commercial use?
Is that a means of empowerment?
How are they supposed to maintain these cars?
How will this have a positive impact on the good people of Ogun East?

I think the fact that senator hasn’t held any public/elective office before has been playing a huge negative role in his pattern of administration. He has never for once spoken to address the National Assembly on issues affecting the Ogun East Senatorial District.

Senator Buruji Kashamu should learn from the Likes of Hon. ODENEYE Olusegun Kehinde and Hon. ADEKOYA Adesegun Majid both Representing Ijebu Central and Ijebu North East 1&2 – Ijebu East Federal Constituencies. The former earlier this year distributed about 100 Tricycles, 200 Okada Bajaj Products, 100 4.8kva Generators, About 300 Hair Dryers, About 2000 Hair Clippers, 150 Vulcanizing Machines, About 300 Sewing Machines and Many more that can’t be counted. He didn’t just do this for members of the party he bears the Flag (APC), Large members of the PDP, SDP and LP Also benefitted from his Magnanimity.

He didn’t stop there, he also distributed it across Ogun East Senatorial District being the Only APC rep in the whole district. All these he did, not because he has the ambition of contesting for the Seat of the Senate.

Hon. ADEKOYA Adesegun also did a massive empowerment that shook the whole of his constituency, if every of our People in the national assembly can be like these men who have distinguished themselves in several capacities, Poverty would be a thing of the past in the state and the country at large. The duo have set a Standard that every member of the National Assembly must emulate. Their records are enviable at the National Assembly. We are not here to castigate our Senator, let him see this as an objective criticism aimed at charging him to do the needful as more can still be done before the expiration of his tenure. Our people are fond of blaming the President and Governors forgetting that this “Change” Must start from the Grassroot till it gets to the Top.

Adebamiro Damilola Nifemi (Dacool)

Fmr. SUG President, TASUED
President, Ijebu Youths Association

  1. Adebamiro Damilola says

    In No Time… Talkglitz Will Be A Website To Reckon With Across The Country Even In The World… Its Getting There

  2. Omoleye says

    Kashamu is a criminal in the first place. He is not the right person for that seat and we all know it.

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