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Blaqbonez – Best Rapper In Africa (BRIA)

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Best Rapper In

Song by 
Released: 30 July 2019

’s own ’s diss track is filled with unique metaphors and similes and he obviously exudes lyrical confidence.

Lines like ‘better step up or I’ll step on you’ and ‘If I ever die, I’m Jesus to you n!ggas’ show that he doesn’t mince words and the upcoming rapper isn’t here to play around. He plans to remain in our minds for a long time.

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One can’t help but admire his highly ambitious lyrics and the comedy behind the track is sure to evoke laughter from the listener.

Rap has always been a genre that features self-appraisal and takes this to the next level.

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From the words in the song, he is not asking you to acknowledge him as the best; he is literally throwing it in your face that he is. Like him or not, the young man has definitely got our attention.

Ultimately, it falls on us to accept or deny his claim as the best in Africa. Do we judge based on a track or still wait and see what other aces he has up his sleeve? A lot of rappers have come and gone, and a few veterans remain.

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Is worthy of joining the esteemed pantheon of the greats or is he just another fellow who will pass on into musical oblivion? Time alone will tell.

Best Rapper In mp3 download


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