APC National Secretary Accuses Vice-Chairman of Misconduct: Internal Conflict Escalates

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APC National Secretary Accuses Vice-Chairman of Misconduct: Internal Conflict Escalates
National Secretary Condemns Vice-Chairman’s Actions

In a recent interview on the Politics Today program aired on Channels Television, the national secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Omisore, spoke out against the party’s vice-chairman, Salihu Lukman. Omisore labeled Lukman as the sole black sheep among the 25 members of the APC’s national working committee (NWC).

The ongoing feud between the two party members stems from Lukman’s allegations that Omisore mishandled campaign funds during the recently concluded general election in Osun state. In response, the vice-chairman took legal action, suing Omisore and Abdullahi Adamu, the national chairman of the party. Lukman sought a court order compelling them to disclose the APC’s financial report regarding the elections.

According to reliable sources, the ruling party supposedly amassed billions of naira through the sale of nomination forms. However, Omisore dismissed Lukman’s claims, stating that the party has already addressed some of the concerns raised. Omisore further criticized Lukman, emphasizing that his ignorance was a result of his absence from party meetings.

In a rather dismissive tone, Omisore referred to Lukman’s supporters as cowards, accusing them of hiding behind their silence. He highlighted the fact that out of the 25 NWC members, only Lukman had written numerous letters, alluding to his lack of understanding on various matters.

Remarkably, Lukman had previously offered an apology for his actions approximately two months ago. During a press conference, he admitted to being ill-informed about his actions, raising questions about his credibility. Omisore expressed his exasperation, questioning what further actions should be taken against Lukman, even sarcastically suggesting physical harm.

The internal conflict within the APC has garnered significant attention, particularly due to the involvement of high-ranking officials. As the situation unfolds, political analysts and party members eagerly await developments and potential resolutions to the growing tensions within the ruling party.

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